Kitchen Skink Press is all that and a bag of chips with the kitchen sink thrown squeezed into the suitcase of a chameleon riding on the back of a discworldian turtle. It's an idea. It's a fable. It's a promise. It's an experiment. It loves books and if you pull its tail off it will grow another before you say bibliophile.
We are many faces, many promises. Many imprints. 

When Life
gives you
Lizards make 
a moment to think
"Cool! Lizards."
Just saying. Lizards!
How often does that happen?

You probably thought I was going to say
make lizard-ade, but that's disgusting.

The following list of imprints each have their own editors, submission guidelines and deadlines, Please see the relevant page (and email the relevant party). It is Kitchen Skink's intention to release at least one book in each imprint each year.

Each publication/imprint represents a commitment, community of interest and profits shared with a related nonprofit.

  • Little Skinkers Books
  • History Was Made by Teenage Girls
  • Kitche 'n Kink
  • Simple Solidarity Press
  • Fattitude
  • Small Press Sampler
  • Roofless Books
  • Body Works
  • Busy Intersections 
  • Huckleberry Books/Legacy
  • bluestocking papers
  • bluecollar papers
  • Rev D: revolutionary dilettante press
  • pop! books : pop culture and politics
  • Irrespectability
  • Hashtag