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#NotMYPresident is an emerging literary project. Initially envisioned as anthology, we now hope to include a reader, a textbook/reader's guide, and possibly a webzine to include the numerous talented artists, poets and essayists in opposition to the 45th president.

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Simple. The very concept of Solidarity is simple. Many of the poets, authors, artists and activists we work with are communists, socialists, and anarchists. All are committed, caring people dedicated to change. Simple Solidarity Press is an imprint of books dedicated to supporting, protecting and giving back to the community.

Each anthology donates profits to an organization or project. We support these projects. We endorse them. We don't have or seek their endorsements. We are doing what we can in the way we choose to keep valuable community resources alive. We encourage you to do the same.
Poetry, Art and Impeachment Petition signing.

Kitchen Skink Press is glad to be joining Oregon Communist Party (CPUSA),, 100 Thousand Poets for Change and various other groups at this event in Ashland Oregon.

Preorders for #notmypresident will be available.
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Please continue to watch this space for updates. We're looking forward to launching Textbooks , Biographies and Readers on issues and individuals often swept aside (more intentional than "overlooking") in traditional classrooms. We also support and promote the work of other small presses who are doing the same. We hope to provide the modern teacher with links to vibrant and diverse teaching tools.
This space is where you would find a link to our title catalog. But we're new, so check back soon. Watch for news about submissions for upcoming anthologies.

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